OnePlus gaming concept phone has glowing liquid cooling

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  • The gaming phone market has been something of a mixed bag, putting it mildly, and there’s no clear indication that it will ever release such a device.A more likely approach involves generational advances that make more serious gaming more plausible on the small screen.
  • “Also, we want to encourage continuous innovation inside our company,” he adds.OnePlus calls the new technology “Active CryoFlux.” A 0.2 square centimeter piezoelectric ceramic micropump moves the coolant up and down a pipeline near the rear of the device and around the massive camera array.
  • It’s a cool effect, and one that invariably shares comparisons to Phone (1), released by OnePlus co-founder Carl Pei’s Nothing last year.Given the recent stagnation of broader smartphone innovation, it’s probably inevitable that manufacturers are tweaking product design in new ways.
  • We are talking about how to improve the gaming experience, and in the future, we believe we will have more time to talk to them.”Image Credits: OnePlusThose conversations are a reference, in part, to the company’s longstanding engagement with its user base.
  • A new mechanical keyboard is on the way, along with some rumored foldables.As a change of pace, the company showcased a product this week at MWC that will never see the light of day — or at least not in its current form.
  • Smartphone sales have slowed pretty much across the board, as well, leaving manufacturers looking for new avenues to jumpstart sales.“A lot of young people like playing games,” says Liu.
The days of a cautious OnePlus release cycle appear to be behind us. In January, the Oppoowned mobile brand unveiled its new flagship, the OnePlus 11. Earlier this month, the 11R arrived, focused on [+3548 chars]