Mobile carriers team up with AWS, Microsoft to launch Open Gateway, a set of Twiliolike APIs to tap network services

News Summary

  • And now, by federating open network APIs and applying the roaming concept of interoperability, mobile operators and cloud services will be truly integrated to enable a new world of opportunity.
  • Or, it could be read as a kind of defeat: if they can’t beat tech giants, join them.Amazon and Microsoft have been building out a longer-term relationship with carriers, in part to create more trust with them after years of being seen as a threat.
  • New content was delivered over the top of mobile networks (not by the networks themselves).
  • Collaboration amongst telecom operators and cloud providers is crucial in this new digital ecosystem.”No details have been given about which services we might see rolled out first.
  • “With something like edge compute, if you can start charging for quality as a service, for telcos that have spent millions on infrastructure, if you can charge a premium for that, it can be a game changer.
  • The question is are they going to be able to do it quickly and well enough than the hyper scalers,” as he calls the tech giants and startups of the world, “or will Google and Microsoft and the rest beat them to the punch?”
APIs are the building blocks of how the world of technology works used to integrate applications with each other, API calls make up the majority of global internet traffic these days. Now, telecoms [+7519 chars]