Microsoft Azure expands its telco solutions

News Summary

  • Operator Insights uses machine learning to help operators analyze the massive amounts of data they gather from their network operations and troubleshoot potential issues, while Service Manager helps operators generate insights about their network configurations.With this announcement, Microsoft is also putting an emphasis on building network-aware applications.
  • They know they want to differentiate — but they also know that if there’s fragment in the app ecosystem, it’ll just stall one way or the other,” said Zander.Also new today is the general availability of the Azure Private 5G Core and Microsoft’s multi-access edge compute (MEC) service.
  • It’s maybe no surprise then that the large cloud providers, who are all vying for the lucrative telco market, also made a few announcements ahead of the event.
  • As Zander noted, this requires a back and forth between the carriers and developers — and since no developer is going to create a service that only works on one network, there needs to be some interoperability here.
  • That future — this intelligent cloud, this intelligent edge — has to be powered by a modern network infrastructure.
  • To do so, Microsoft is launching Azure Operator Nexus today, its next-gen hybrid cloud platform for communication service providers.
New smartphones may get most of the headlines at MWC, but at its core, the annual trade show is still a telco event. Its maybe no surprise then that the large cloud providers, who are all vying for [+4637 chars]