Magic Eraser comes to more devices, Spotify gains an AI DJ, and Netflix decreases prices

News Summary

  • The company says the technology to support multilanguage audio tracks was built in-house at YouTube, but creators will need to partner directly with third-party dubbing providers to create their audio tracks.Here’s your weekly reminder that TechCrunch has a diverse array of podcasts for your listening pleasure.
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  • And over at Equity, the gang covered trends such as the possible return of IPOs and accelerators that back the startups of laid-off tech workers.TC+ subscribers get access to in-depth commentary, analysis and surveys — which you know if you’re already a subscriber.
  • This week, Google announced that the popular tool, which uses AI to remove unwanted content from images, will become available to Google One subscribers and to existing Pixel owners.
  • Even some of the most intractable and high-profile problems facing the world’s oceans, like plastic pollution, are inspiring investors to dive in (pun intended).Making layoffs suck less: Leslie Crowe of Bain Capital Ventures writes about how to announce job cuts and retain top performers.
  • With some thought and planning, she argues, founders can manage the layoff process well and come out the other side stronger.Say goodbye to $100 million venture rounds: Startups hoping to raise a nine-figure round in the future had best temper their ambition.
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