Rocket Report SpaceX may see revenue spike in 2023; Terran 1 gets a date

News Summary

  • In other words, based on revenue, SpaceX is now more a satellite company than a launch company.
  • On Wednesday Relativity Space announced that it had secured a launch license from the Federal Aviation Administration for the debut launch of its Terran 1 rocket.
  • However, company officials said they have lowered the risks during launch through other hot-firings of the launch system.
  • It will be streamed live.Print your way to space ... Interestingly, Relativity Space has decided to forego a first-stage hot-fire test of the rocket on the launch pad.
  • The main Russian space corporation, Roscosmos, is set to conduct an uncrewed flight of a Soyuz spacecraft to the International Space Station as part of a plan to replace the stricken Soyuz MS-22 vehicle, reports.
  • Since Soyuz MS-23 will fly without crew on board, much like a Progress mission, the spacecraft will conduct its mission autonomously until it docks with the ISS.
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