A year on from Russias invasion, Ukrainian startups show astounding resilience

News Summary

  • Ahrefs claims to have become a $100 million company in annual revenue without venture capital.An online tool for digital advertising campaigns to help increase clients’ revenue.Aspichi is working on an audio/visual teleportation platform allowing people to capture experiences and let others be immersed into it.
  • The startup’s products include rekava cups, rekava pots, and rekava candles.“Respeecher, AI voice generation startup used to create the Darth Vader AI voice in the Star War’s TV series — Obi-Wan Kenobi — and during the war!
  • The fund is listed on AngelList.This NGO was created by Ukrainian and Belgian tech founders.The European Association of Software Engineering has launched a service for helping Ukrainian tech people get jobs.
  • For instance, get pet cameras by Petcube, use Grammarly, increase work productivity with Readdle apps, protect your homes with the professional Ajax smart alarm, etc.This is a nonprofit venture fund that will invest in tech startups founded by Ukrainian immigrants in Europe and the U.S.
  • Since the war began, UnderDefense team has grown x2 and donated $500,000 directly to artillery units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.UA Drone School offers a four-day training drone courses in Kyiv and the region.
  • Despite not having electricity or internet access half of the time, the company keeps working and growing, saying it has sustainable 50% quarter-over-quarter growth.A cash flow management service for businesses.
Today marks exactly one year since Russias illegal, unprovoked, and brutal of Ukraine. This week, a majority of the members of the United Nations reiterated its demand that Russia immediately, compl [+19543 chars]