Jill Biden to Namibian youth Protect your democracy

News Summary

  • Biden has worked with young people throughout a 30-year-long teaching career and said in her address to the students that they must exercise their rights to disagree and to dissent, to speak up when they see injustice and support leaders who listen to their concerns.
  • “One thing I’ve learned is that each country is so different — the people are different, the culture is different, the religion is different, the language,” she said.
  • We have to keep fighting for it.” The first lady opened her trip earlier this week in Namibia, a young democracy, where on Friday she delivered a rousing speech to more than 1,000 students.
  • And they do, too.” She said the Biden administration is not “isolationist like we were becoming in the last administration,” a reference to Trump and his America-first posture.“We are reaching out and saying, ’Hey, we’re a global society.
  • And as we look forward, we must remember that the fight for democracy has no end.” Biden later Friday moved on to Kenya, the second and final stop on her trip.She highlighted the plight of women and girls on her earlier stops in Namibia.
  • “But it’s worth it, because democracy delivers.”Afterward, she worked her way around the courtyard in a way that she rarely do to shake hands and pose for selfies with scores of excited students.
WINDHOEK, Namibia (AP) U.S. first lady Jill Biden on Friday told the young people of Namibia that the democracy their parents and grandparents fought for is now theirs to defend and protect. She en [+1894 chars]