Spotify is testing playlists that could be unlocked by NFT holders

News Summary

  • Amid all this, a lot of companies have stopped talking about their web3 ambitions.This pilot indicates that Spotify might have tech ready to offer more content, including songs, albums, or podcasts that could be token gated.
  • And now, Spotify is helping some of them realize that claim with token-gated playlists.According to a series of tweets by Kingship, a metaverse band signed to Universal Music Group (UMG), the streaming company is piloting playlists that could be unlocked through NFTs in certain geographies.
  • It added that these playlists will be updated throughout the three month testing period.The announcement of the NFT-gated playlists pilot comes just before Spotify is set to hold its Stream On event on March 8.
  • Under the pilot, Kingship has released a special playlist that could be accessed only by Kingship key card NFT holders.We, KINGSHIP strive to ALWAYS be at the forefront of technology and music.
  • The company told TechCrunch in a statement that this is one of many tests on the platform.“At Spotify, we routinely conduct a number of tests in an effort to improve our user experience.
  • 🧵— KINGSHIP (@therealkingship) February 22, 2023The group posted a series of steps that involves linking a crypto wallet like Metamask, Trust Wallet, Rainbow, Ledger Live, or Zerion to authenticate the NFT that unlocks the playlist.
Unlocking exclusive access has been a longheld promise of a lot of NFTbased communities. And now, Spotify is helping some of them realize that claim with tokengated playlists.According to a seri [+3199 chars]