Spoke AI is using generative AI to pull signal from workplace noise

News Summary

  • Just building an extremely well-integrated user experience that works super well across your different tools — rather than forcing you to switch from one to the other, from your existing tools like Slack, to a new tool.
  • AI to counter AI is an arms race the movies suggest might not end that well…Brenssell says it’s an “interesting point”, adding that it will be “really interesting to see where, where generative AI tools in the sense of really generating content are going in the next few years”.
  • Prior to the pre-seed, the team had also taken in some angel funding to build their MVP.“The way that we apply [AI] is to basically reduce the noise that people face in their daily work across many different tools and platforms that they use,” explains co-founder Max Brenssell.
  • But we do think that by building the right pieces — like, for example, when it comes to anonymizing data, then I think that’s where we can keep the edge on the AI side.“And then the second bit is really on the kind of product application side.
  • On this, he suggests the team’s focus on “data privacy” and ethical data use — in addition to pushing on product performance so the tech can serve up “concise and reliable” summaries — will help it carve an edge.
  • So we really see the value in building this very flexible, integrations focused summarization layer — so that you can use all of those tools that make you more productive in very specific tasks and areas.
As generative AIs fastunfolding power to supercharge contentcreation amps up concern over what automation might mean for free access to quality information online, Berlinbased startup Spoke AI is [+12755 chars]