Amazon Fire TV devices can now directly stream audio to Cochlear hearing implants

News Summary

  • So, Korn and his team worked with Cochlear to discover how to “bypass the implant’s microphones, stream audio from Fire TV directly into the implants, and prevent the audio from being degraded by noise and echoes,” the company wrote in its blog.
  • Cochlear’s Nucleus Sound Processors have built-in technology that lets users stream sound directly from a compatible Apple or Android device.Apple and Cochlear team up to roll out the first implant made for the iPhone
  • “If I was trying to watch on the TV in the living room, I’d probably be missing out on, say, 40-50% of the words due to the echoing, the loss in quality, and due to the different voices that you might not be so familiar with,” Forzano said.
  • Korn also claims that the technology works over living room distances.Amazon’s collaboration with Cochlear is an extension of the company’s accessibility efforts.
  • Forzano was born blind and has used Cochlear implants ever since he lost his hearing at five years old.
Amazon teamed up with hearing implant company Cochlear to launch Audio Streaming for Hearing Aids (ASHA) support to compatible Cochlear devices, the company announced today.Now, select Fire TV devi [+2775 chars]