Fears, questions about NKoreas growing nuke arsenal...

News Summary

  • But others say North Korea is still years away from producing such warheads.“After its sixth nuclear test, people accepted that North Korea really will have nuclear weapons.
  • The question is whether they are small enough to fit on a missile.North Korea has so far performed six underground nuclear test explosions to manufacture warheads that it can place on missiles.
  • North Korean state media said its new artillery system can carry nuclear warheads, and that four rockets would be enough to wipe out an enemy airfield.
  • “Also, which country would disclose such attack scenarios via state media?”Other new North Korean short-range systems include missiles that were apparently modeled after the Russian Iskander mobile ballistic system or outwardly resemble the U.S. MGM-140 Army Tactical Missile System.
  • Solid-fueled systems allow missiles to be mobile on the ground and make them faster to launch.___WARHEADSNorth Korea likely has dozens of nuclear warheads.
  • ... Why do they need four tactical nuclear weapons to destroy just one airfield?” Shin, the analyst, said.
SEOUL, South Korea (AP) North Koreas latest missile launches are a demonstration of the countrys avowed ability to use nuclear force against South Korea and the mainland U.S. How immediate is that th [+7757 chars]