Bots in the classroom What ChatGPT means to educators

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  • For good students, it saves them from doing what they can already do; for struggling students, it turns an almost-certain fail into a chance of passing.Part of the senior school assessment is a writing portfolio, and boy, has ChatGPT been working hard here.
  • I also don’t think avoiding bot output by taking a great leap backward to written exams is an acceptable solution—we already generate large numbers of students who can pass exams while not actually being able to apply what they “know.”We have to ask what we want to assess.
  • From my perspective as a teacher of science and technology, these writing tools are something students can learn from if they want to improve their writing.
  • And do we really need to use things that bots can produce—essays or reports—as proxies for our assessment?Students have been using writing aids for a long time.
  • Some of the reflections, which are supposed to describe a student’s experience in doing the assignment, even referred to a number of random pieces of writing not included in the portfolio, as ChatGPT has no context, only statistics.The school administration is uncertain about how to proceed.
  • Within that chapter, different sections were supposedly written by different students, but the voice, style, and sourcing did not change at all.
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