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  • He confided to his readers that his first sermon, delivered at age 12, was a well-intentioned mess.“Preaching needs someone who knows the text and can convey that to the people — but it’s not just about transmitting information,” Moore wrote.
  • When they appeared stumped, he revealed that the writer was ChatGPT, responding to his request to write a 1,000-word sermon related to that week’s lesson from the Torah.“Now, you’re clapping -- I’m deathly afraid,” Franklin said when several congregants applauded.
  • even seems to understand what makes the birth of Jesus genuinely good news,” Brewer added.Yet the ChatGPT sermon “lacks any human warmth,” he wrote.
  • He said AI has yet to develop compassion and love, and is unable to build community and relationships.“Those are the things that bring us together,” the rabbi concluded.Rachael Keefe, pastor of Living Table United Church of Christ in Minneapolis, undertook an experiment similar to Franklin’s.
  • It’s the evidence of a changed life.”“When listening to a sermon, what a congregation is looking for is evidence that the pastor has been with Jesus,” Glenn added.
  • “AI will always have to – literally – take someone else’s words for it... it won’t ever be a sermon that will convince anyone to come and follow Jesus.”Also weighing in with an online essay was the Rev.
Pastors view Sermons written by ChatGPT will have no soulNEW YORK (AP) Among sermon writers, there is fascination and unease over the fastexpanding abilities of artificialintelligence chatb [+6733 chars]