Yext hops on the generative AI train with Yext Chat, an enterprisefocused chatbot

News Summary

  • But Yext says that it’s using a mix of text-generating models for different tasks within Yext Chat’s workflow, like marketing, commerce and customer support.When it launches (it’s not yet generally available), Yext Chat will be able to integrate into existing platforms, including ticketing systems and Slack workspaces.
  • Taking inspiration from OpenAI’s ChatGPT, Yext Chat is designed for enterprise use cases — and differentiated, Yext claims, by a partly proprietary back end.“ChatGPT has shown the world that large language models can hold incredibly coherent, helpful conversations — far better than any technology up to this point.
  • Yext Chat only generates responses using a curated set of content that businesses manage in the Knowledge Graph, Ferrentino says — in contrast to chatbots that draw from a web-scale corpus of information, like ChatGPT.How’s that desirable from a brand perspective?
  • “Yext Chat is designed for the enterprise, and enterprises need full control over what a chatbot says and does.”To be clear, Yext Chat wasn’t built from scratch.
  • A hospital could use it to power a health system that educates prospective patients on which doctor they should see and get appointments scheduled, for instance.
  • “Yext’s solution is to combine the large language model with a knowledge graph that can easily be updated in real time.”No system is perfect, Bing Chat being a prime example.
Looking to cash in on the generative AI craze, Yext, the platform for online brand management, today announced an AIpowered chatbot called Yext Chat. Taking inspiration from OpenAIs ChatGPT, Yext C [+4589 chars]