Oligo raises $28M to secure opensource libraries at runtime

News Summary

  • That saves tons of time and money for developers, for security teams, for DevOps,” explained Czerninski.As the team explained, in first observing how every library should work in normal usage across different environments, Oligo can then detect when something changes — likely because of an exploit.
  • Instead of alerting security teams to every potential vulnerability — even if a library isn’t actually used in an application — Oligo focuses on monitoring applications at runtime, both in pre-production and production environments.
  • “Oligo is set to increase the productivity of AppSec teams and reduce the risk of using open source by contextually prioritizing vulnerabilities according to actual versus perceived risk.”
  • It allows us to safely and efficiently monitor the runtime environment and then first identify which vulnerabilities are actually relevant.
  • That’s a different approach from other security startups that focus on open-source libraries.
  • Cyber Club London (CCL), Kmehin Ventures and OperAngels also participated.
Oligo Security, a Tel Avivbased startup that focuses on runtime application security and observability to detect and prevent opensource vulnerabilities, is coming out of stealth today and announcin [+2504 chars]