As ChatGPT hype hits fever pitch, Neeva launches its generative AI search engine internationally

News Summary

  • However, Neeva is hopeful that its ad-free approach will win it enough supporters to see it flourish more generally as a search engine, at a time when the world has grown increasingly weary of big tech’s big data harnessing.
  • While there is nothing to indicate that such trends will wither any time soon, it’s clear from the first six weeks of the new year that generative AI will be the big talking point of 2023.Generative AI, essentially, describes the process of using algorithms to create (“generate”) new content.
  • While it is pushing toward relying entirely on its own search stack, for now it does lean on Bing for some web search activity.
  • And it’s clear now that Google will be doing something similar in the future.Elsewhere, other search engine upstarts are following a similar trajectory to that of Neeva.
  • Or no response at all, which is what it will do with questions where it’s not confident of the answer.NeevaAI refusing to answer a question Image Credits: TechCrunchClearly, NeevaAI’s response here isn’t perfect.
  • The poster child of this movement is ChatGPT, a chatbot-style technology trained on large language models (LLMs) capable of producing scarily good (but far from flawless) work such as essays, articles, poems, lyrics, and even computer programs.
Challenger search engine Neevawants to replace the familiar 10 blue links in search results with something more fitting for the modern AI age.Back in December, Neeva cofounder and CEO Sridhar R [+10829 chars]