Nintendo Direct gives us Zelda Tears of the Kingdom details, Metroid, and more

News Summary

  • More games were teased in the trailer, including Advance titles like Metroid Fusion and F-Zero: Maximum Velocity.Nintendo's intent to offer Game Boy titles was tipped in early 2022, when emulators seemingly made by Nintendo leaked online.
  • But it's another major game publisher asking for that price, which may become a trend.Few things could compare in size to that announcement, but the availability of classic Game Boy games on the Switch certainly stacks up.
  • Kevin Purdy - Feb 9, 2023 12:45 am UTC Today's Nintendo Direct livestream gave those with sky-high but long-deferred Zelda hopes just enough to stay excited: ominous tones, real gameplay footage, a tease at a playable Zelda, and a definitive May 12 release date and preorder offer.
  • Toward the end, Zelda's voice says, "Link, lend me your power," offering a loose but still real hint that the princess could be playable in this title.The $70 price tag might surprise some people, but only if they haven't been watching closely.
  • Various files and dates in the emulators suggest that their development began as far back as 2018, with major work accomplished by 2020.The other major blast from the past showing up today was Metroid Prime Remastered.
  • Along with the souped-up graphics and portable convenience, this version allows for modern dual-stick controls, with one to look and one to move.Many of the titles displayed were DLC or expansion passes for existing games.
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