Neko, Daniel Eks next play, is another spin on preventative healthcare

News Summary

  • )A part of the startup’s focus appears to be on technology that’s interpreting (or presenting) data on users’ behalf — since it says they will get access to a “summary” of their health data in its app.
  • But its marketing material offers the general claim that its technology includes “the latest advances in sensors and AI” — further specifying that the sensing technology involves more than 70 sensors which it says can record 50 million data points and 15 GB of patients’ health data “in minutes”.
  • Neko will obviously need proper legal bases for each and every proposed use of users’ health data, which EU law classes as sensitive data — requiring the highest bar of explicit consent for processing.
  • Since the startup is building (or applying) health data capture devices, and appears to be intending to develop AI for (at least) clinician support and/or medical diagnostics, a range of regulations are likely to apply, depending on where it wants to operate the service.
  • )The startup’s marketing talks about wanting its “new medical scanning technology concept to make it possible to do broad and non-invasive health data collection that is convenient and affordable for the public”.
  • (Although, equally, it’s worth noting that the human body undergoes all sorts of changes throughout its lifetime which do not necessarily signify a negative health implication so simply having oodles of data does not necessarily translate into better healthcare.
Make room for yet another preventative health play Spotify founder Daniel Ek officially confirmed rumors of his new health tech startup, Neko, Friday by quietly kicking off a body scanning service [+8991 chars]