Put a (smart) ring on it Monavo on why its health wearable will put women first

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  • So how are you going to ensure that women — your users — can feel comfortable using a device that tracks so many personal metrics and does things like keeping tabs on their menstrual cycle and could be used to try to infer additional sensitive health information about them.
  • And so really having access to this data, and looking at it over time, allows us to have a better experience for each women who’s using the platform.When will the ring launch?
  • We want to make sure that we’re collecting that data about their activity, and about the calories burned, so they understand that — and also do a lot with correlations.One thing that’s very important to us is to correlate how one thing may affect another.
  • It’s going to be very exciting to look at these things… I’m a 30 year medical device veteran so I’ll give you a little bit of a medical device example.
  • And we found that, although they want to use wearable products like this, often they don’t [use them] or they only use [them] a part of the time because of some of the shortcomings with the existing devices where they don’t really focus on women’s needs.
  • And what about its positioning vs mainstream health wearables which are already popular with women — like the Apple Watch?We’re looking around mid year-ish timeframe [to launch the ring in the US].
Monavo Heath turned heads at CES with an Ouroubourosesque smart ring designed for women.In the crowded field of fitness wearables, where the mainstream heavy hitter of the Apple Watch heads up a v [+48795 chars]