Dutch firm US, allies near deal to limit chip tech to China The Associated Press en Espaol

News Summary

  • The White House declined to comment.The Biden administration in October imposed export controls to limit China’s ability to access advanced chips, which it says can be used to make weapons, commit human rights abuses and improve the speed and accuracy of its military logistics.
  • officials say China is spending heavily to develop its fledgling semiconductor producers but so far cannot make the high-end chips used in the most advanced smartphones and other devices.___Durbin reported from Detroit.
  • The Dutch government has prohibited ASML from exporting that equipment to China since 2019, but the company had still been shipping lower-quality lithography systems to China.ASML has research and manufacturing centers in Beijing and Shenzhen, China, as well as a regional headquarters in Hong Kong.U.S.
  • It’s unclear when all three sides will unveil the agreement.
WASHINGTON (AP) Japan and the Netherlands have agreed to a deal with the U.S. to restrict Chinas access to materials used to make advanced computer chips, a person familiar with the agreement told Th [+2766 chars]