Twitter cofounder Biz Stone joins board of audiovisual startup Chroma

News Summary

  • The app offers an audiovisual experience for exploring music from the Venezuelan producer, DJ, singer, and songwriter in a “meditative digital space,” the company said.
  • While the company plans to first launch a product on mobile devices, Stone believes the technology could become even more interesting when and if Apple releases its own VR/AR headset.“I think it’ll lend itself really well to the metaverse equipment when that’s more ubiquitous.
  • He says that with his angel investments, he typically considers himself an advisor — meaning he’s open to founder phone calls but won’t call the company unless they want him to.
  • However, Stone says he’s interested particularly in the emerging AI space and using AI as a tool, in particular.He says he hasn’t been particularly interested in some of the other newer tech trends, like web3 or some aspects of the metaverse.“The [web3] culture doesn’t appeal to me.
  • Chroma had previously raised 1.6 million euros in pre-seed funding.As a board member, Stone expects to be meeting with the startup several times per month, in addition to the actual board meetings.
  • In 2011, as Twitter hit the 100 million active users mark, the entrepreneur left to pursue new projects with Obvious Corporation, a startup incubator and investment vehicle that had included fellow Twitter co-founder Evan Williams and former Twitter exec Jason Goldman.
Chroma, a startup working to build a new type of audiovisual entertainment specifically for mobile devices, is now adding a Twitter cofounder to its board. The company announced today that Twitter a [+5733 chars]