Hawk AI, an antimoney laundering and fraud prevention platform for banks, raises $17M

News Summary

  • The company says that this context is essential in terms of evaluating whether a case qualifies as suspicious activity or not.“For Hawk AI, explainability is made up of two areas,” Schweiger said.
  • But Hawk AI says that its patent-pending technology also tells users what the “expected range” of normal behavior is, giving a score for each risk-factor using natural human language.
  • product or geographical data) with dynamic data (e.g.
  • “What is the justification for an AI-driven, individual decision, and how were the algorithms that contribute to AI developed?
Hawk AI, a German company developing antimoney laundering (AML) and tangential fraud prevention smarts for financial institutions, has raised $17 million in a Series B round of funding.Prior to no [+3128 chars]