Justice Dept. sues Google over digital advertising dominance The Associated Press en Espaol

News Summary

  • Garland said Google controls the technology used by most major website publishers to offer advertising space for sale, as well as the largest ad exchange that matches publishers and advertisers together when ad space is sold.
  • Srinivasan noted that it took a decade before they woke up to the perils of high-speed trading in financial markets and began adopting measures to discourage it.This lawsuit seeks to apply to the digital ad market the same rules that apply to the financial markets, she said.
  • In so doing, he added, Google ”engaged in exclusionary conduct” that has “severely weakened,” if not destroyed, competition in the ad tech industry.The suit, the latest legal action brought by the government against Google, accuses the company of unlawfully monopolizing the way ads are served online by excluding competitors.
  • It directly affects the viability of a free press” as well.As with many highly complex technical markets, it has taken time for federal and state regulators and policymakers to catch up with and understand the online ad market.
  • Tuesday’s lawsuit comes as the U.S. government is increasingly looking to rein in Big Tech’s dominance, although such legal action can take years to complete and Congress has not passed any recent legislation seeking to curb the influence of the tech industry’s largest players.
  • Brokers, banks and other companies that have sometimes competing interests aren’t permitted to own the New York Stock Exchange.Google held nearly 29% of the U.S. digital advertising market — it includes all the ads people see on computers.
WASHINGTON (AP) The Justice Department and eight states filed an antitrust suit against Google on Tuesday, seeking to shatter its alleged monopoly on the entire ecosystem of online advertising as a h [+6243 chars]