Emperia is helping brands like Bloomingdales build shopping experiences in VR

News Summary

  • “My other co-founder, Simonas Holcmann, and I launched Emperia to bridge the gap between the transactional nature of an e-commerce purchase and the personalized shopping experience brands can cultivate in store.”Emperia’s platform offers tools brands can use to create virtual experiences, including stores in VR.
  • With Emperia, brands can put on live events with hosts that walk them through a virtual space, or customize exhibits and displays with 3D models and images of real-world inventory.“Visitors” to Emperia’s virtual spaces don’t have to wear a VR headset, crucially.
  • But not everyone agrees — particularly those who hope to build a business out of VR retail.Enter Emperia, an “immersive” retail startup that — to its credit — has already created virtual stores for brands including Bloomingdales, Dior, Ralph Lauren and Lacoste.
  • “As a relatively new industry, retailers find themselves needing to search out multiple solutions in order to build and design their virtual worlds.
  • While rich in solutions, from data to security, 3D modeling and digital tokens, to a wide-variety of metaverse platforms, each with its own audience and specific capabilities, the choices are all out there but integrating them all together is a daunting task.
  • That’s one of the driving forces behind our desire to bring complementing solutions under one roof.”But will VR have staying power — and is retail in VR actually catching on?Perhaps so.
Does the average person want to shop for apparel in virtual reality (VR)? Speaking for myself, it sounds rather cumbersome having to plop on a headset to browse for, say, trousers as opposed to cli [+5920 chars]