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News Summary

  • Its proprietary technology platform adds significant efficiency to the market, while focusing on maximizing returns and minimizing risk and cost for clients.The firm’s goal is to give all market participants, from emerging managers to large institutions, the tools and services they need to compete in today’s fast-paced markets.
  • Those who do will be part of building the modern, scalable future of capital markets – improving access, speed, and service for all participants.Clear Street is an independent, non-bank prime broker building modern infrastructure for capital markets.
  • The ripples of adoption are emerging across the industry – for example, in 2021 Nasdaq partnered with AWS to build the next generation of cloud-enabled infrastructure for the world’s capital markets.Simplifying the technology behind trading and post-trade functions can transform it from a cost center to a competitive advantage.
  • In the decades since Intel co-founder Robert E. Moore first made this observation in 1965, consumer technology has continued to rapidly innovate, while the technology powering capital markets has lagged behind.
  • Modern problems require modern solutionsA modern, single-source of truth platform has the potential to optimize operations across teams, asset classes and geographies, reducing cost, complexity and risk.
  • To operate at peak efficiency, banks and brokers must reduce the manual processes that increase risk of error and operate in silos in favor of technology that empowers users to make smarter decisions and to identify potential risks throughout the trading process.
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