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  • Eager to seize on the next potential productivity boost, many CEOs are trying to figure out if tools like ChatGPT could enable them to cut costs, offer new products or get a leg up on competition.
  • Guardrails may be needed, but the genie isn't going back in the bottle.Go deeper:How ChatGPT became the next big thingWhat ChatGPT can't doNewsrooms reckon with AI following CNET sagaWhy Microsoft is betting big on ChatGPTWhat's next for ChatGPT
  • New York City schools were quick to ban the technology from their networks, an approach that many see as wrong-headed, akin to trying to prevent students from using calculators or Wikipedia.
  • "This is going to be extraordinarily important for international competitiveness and the national security of countries," Smith said.Be smart: ChatGPT and similar tools are the definition of disruptive technologies.
  • Who leads in AI matters, Microsoft president Brad Smith said at an Axios event in Davos.
  • It also has the potential to reshape geopolitics.
Theres a reason ChatGPT was the talk of this years Davos forum Everyone is trying to make sense of what the technology will mean for their corner of the world.Even tech experts are shocked at ju [+2102 chars]