Bluedots debit card for EV owners offers cheaper charging, cash back

News Summary

  • Bluedot is currently offering customers a flat fee of $0.30 per kilowatt hour of charging with participating EV charging stations, and 20% cash back on charges with nonparticipating charging networks.
  • Customers find stations and pay directly for charges with partner charging companies on Bluedot’s app, saving them the need to download multiple apps.Bluedot users also get 5% cash back on all automotive expenses, plus another 2% cash back for all other expenses.
  • And they also want to get better deals around electrification.”Bluedot is also manually pulling data for customers on their charging habits, how much they spend, how much power they use, their top charging locations, the amount of carbon dioxide emissions they’ve prevented by using an EV, and so on.
  • “Bluedot is working on integrating financial technology to help these companies make their charging stations more viable and accessible to drivers.”“Currently, utilization in most of the charging station networks ranges from 5% to 8%.
  • That might end up looking like a big push to install infrastructure without much cohesion.Bluedot’s app aggregates nearby EV charging stations and offers rewards for charging.
  • We began with small charging station companies, but our goal is to bring all brands together with financial technology for users,” continued Parlak.Bluedot’s main customers today are individual drivers who found the startup through partnerships with auto dealers and ride-share companies.
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