Share Creators wants to solve asset management mess for game developers

News Summary

  • It’s also tapping another buzzy tech trend — machine-generated content — as it weighs the option to let users produce simple assets like trees directly from AI engines.Share Creators, which went live a year ago, received 200 sales quotes just within the last month, according to Liu.
  • Three key accounts are paying more than $200,000 a year for privately deployed and customized services — big companies might have qualms about uploading their prized art assets to a third party, which is why the platform supports private hosting.
  • The preview option, which can process over 100 file types, is made possible by compressing assets and converting media formats to be compatible with the platform.Developers also won’t have to worry about imposing a consistent file naming system.
  • A decade later, the fundamental way of data storage hasn’t really evolved,” says Liu when asked why she decided to launch another startup despite having handsome income from the consulting firm.
  • Just like many other creative tools that benchmark against Figma, the platform makes remote collaboration one of its key features.
  • The “top 20” gaming firms in China have now used the platform to manage media assets.
Finding a productmarket fit isnt always easy, but when you are the enduser experiencing a real pain point, the solution might be more obvious. Thats the case for newlyfunded Share Creators, a pl [+3899 chars]