Grazzy wants to stop letting people use no cash as an excuse to avoid tipping

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  • In addition, by offering an alternative to traditional cash, Lemmer sees digital tips increasing an employee’s earnings by 20% on average.Grazzy started working with its first large hotel customer last July and that has now grown to about a dozen.
  • For example, Anthill to connect those who never sit at desks, SnapShift to handle HR and AskNicely for customer experience.Here’s how Grazzy works: Guests can instantly tip staff using a property-branded QR code, and the Grazzy Direct feature allows staff to access their tips instantly.
  • It is still in its early stage and started bringing in revenue in the last month, Lemmer said.Today the company announced $4.25 million in seed funding led by Next Coast Ventures and Tuesday Capital.
  • He’s not alone: As the global pandemic exasperated the already tough conditions for frontline workers, other startups brought in technology to solve certain aspects.
  • Long-term, they stay in these jobs a little bit longer, and it is a recruiting tool for the employers.”3 strategies to make adopting new HR tech easier for hiring managers
Carrying cash used to be a thing, but now with credit cards, and more recently digital wallets, having more than a couple of dollars in your physical wallet is hard to come by.Unfortunately, that a [+3671 chars]