Scenario lands $6M for its AI platform that generates game art assets

News Summary

  • Scenario’s AI engine then learns and adapts to the visuals’ graphic style, generating new assets for games, game prototypes, game marketing materials and more from simple text-based prompts.In letting developers and artists train their own generators, Scenario hopes to sidestep the major legal challenges emerging around generative AI.
  • “The gaming industry is the best fit for generative AI — game developers and artists have to continually produce content while time and resources are often limited.
  • The raw power of these tools was “obvious,” De Maistre believed, but the output was too inconsistent to be useful.“I knew if we could better direct that power, give users more control and consistency, that would instantly be generative AI’s killer application,” De Maistre said.
  • Scenario also doesn’t claim ownership over customers’ generators or images created on the platform, leaving most trademark — and objectionable content — decisions in users’ hands.“We advise customers to work with intellectual property (IP) professionals as appropriate to ensure IP and compliance risks are mitigated, especially for commercial projects.
  • “Our solution is the only one available that allows them to train their own AI generator based on a specific art style using first-party training data.
  • Pricing will be usage-based, starting at $20 per month with plans for higher-volume customers to follow.“Currently, our closest competitors would be generative AI art tools such as Midjourney, DALL-E 2 and Stable Diffusion,” De Maistre said.
Depending on who you ask, generative AI is either massively overhyped or undervalued. Defined as algorithmdriven tech that creates text, art and other forms of media given a prompt, its captured th [+6715 chars]