GeForce Now Ultimate first impressions Streaming has come a real long way

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  • When playing on these lower-res or lower-refresh screens, an Ultimate stream trades impressive fidelity for stability.Not everybody has the high-refresh monitor, or the interest in GeForce Now's particular games library, to need the Ultimate tier.
  • I mostly stuck to games in my library that worked on GeForce Now, though I briefly dipped into Destiny 2 multiplayer to see how remote multiplayer felt.
  • I previously had a Founders Edition account that provided access to less-powerful card types (GTX 1080 and, on occasion, GTX 2060) and was familiar with the games' performance on my local RTX 3050.
  • I didn't dig much into Reflex mode, the latency-reducing setting aimed at competitive games like Apex Legends, Rainbow Six Siege, Destiny 2 and the like.
  • I tend toward single-player games, not twitchy multiplayer shooters.
  • If I hadn't been hyper-conscious of frame numbers and hiccups, I could have been tricked into thinking the remote 4080 rig was local.
Enlarge/ Its not actual GeForce RTX 4080 cards slotted into GeForce Nows Superpods, but Nvidia says the hardware is pretty close.18 with 0 posters participatingCloudbased gaming service GeFo [+4006 chars]