AI tools can create new images, but who is the real artist?

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  • Some of the images also featured the Getty watermark, but with garbled text.AI can also get things wrong, like feet and fingers or details on ears that can sometimes give away that they’re not real, but there’s no set pattern to look out for.
  • Until now, when a purchaser seeks a new image ‘in the style’ of a given artist, they must pay to commission or license an original image from that artist.”Companies that provide image-generating services typically charge users a fee.
  • The lawsuit said AI-generated images “compete in the marketplace with the original images.
  • He compared copyright concerns about the technology with how such laws have adapted to human creativity.“Can a person look at somebody else’s picture and learn from it and make a similar picture?” Holz said.
  • “But beyond that, there is no easy or scientific way to really do this.”But for all the backlash, there are many people who embrace the new AI tools and the creativity they unleash.
  • And if artists aren’t acknowledged, then it’s going to make it hard for artists to make a living in the future.”——O’Brien reported from Providence, Rhode Island.
By MATT OBRIEN and ARIJETA LAJKANEW YORK (AP) Countless artists have taken inspiration from The Starry Night since Vincent Van Gogh painted the swirling scene in 1889.Now artificial intelligence [+7078 chars]