Luxury fashion meets blockchain on Syky, the Seven Seven Sixbacked web3 platform

News Summary

  • Her company’s name was inspired by the mythological Greek goddess of soul, Psyche, who she said personified “how designers use fashion to express the intangible parts of ourselves and themselves.”“Designers inspire us to dream through fashion,” Delahunt added.
  • Fifty Keystones will be reserved for and granted to aspiring designers, Delahunt said.The Keystone is a membership pass that provides exclusive access to Syky’s membership space, where they can network and collaborate with other creators and be able to attend digital and in-person fashion events.
  • Image Credits: Dean Isidro“It felt like there was potential for virtual fashion and digital fashion to really take off,” she told TechCrunch.
  • It will be a place for emerging designers and unestablished designers to sell and trade their collections with consumers.
Alice Delahunt believes the future of fashion is in web3 and created Syky (pronounced psykey) to put the wheels in motion.She launched the company in November after a career in marketing at luxury [+3716 chars]