Nucleus aims to simplify the process of managing microservices

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  • According to a 2020 O’Reilly survey, 77% of organizations had adopted microservices as of then, with 29% reporting that they were migrating or implementing a majority of their systems using microservices.The widespread microservices adoption has spawned new problems in app development, however.
  • Nucleus is delivered through a command-line interface designed to fit into existing developer workflows and comes with prebuilt integrations, including tools such as Hashicorp, Cloudflare and Okta.Image Credits: Nucleus“Nucleus is an infrastructure platform that allows you complete freedom over your code,” Drenova said.
  • A newer entrant in the space is Nucleus, which aims to let devs spin up microservices architectures using a range of infrastructure, security and observability tools.
  • There’s Helios, a microservices management platform that helps developers understand how their code interacts with the rest of their apps.
  • According to the same O’Reilly survey, company culture and integrating with holdover systems have become major challenges in the microservices arena.Startups have rushed in to fill the void of solutions.
  • “It’s bigger than any one developer, meaning that chief technology officers are always our buyers … Our target market is companies with 20-plus developers who are moving to a service-oriented architecture.
An increasing number of organizations are adopting microservices, the looselycoupled, independentlydeployable services that together make up an app. According to a 2020 OReilly survey, 77% of orga [+4554 chars]