Artists file classaction lawsuit against AI image generator companies

News Summary

  • For example, the fourth paragraph of section I says, "When used to produce images from prompts by its users, Stable Diffusion uses the Training Images to produce seemingly new images through a mathematical software process.
  • By their admission, the tech companies behind AI image synthesis have scooped up intellectual property to train their models without consent from artists.
  • These 'new' images are based entirely on the Training Images and are derivative works of the particular images Stable Diffusion draws from when assembling a given output.
  • Using this data, its neural network statistically "learned" how certain image styles appear without storing exact copies of the images it has seen.
  • "To Champandard's point, we've noticed that the complaint includes several statements that potentially misrepresent how AI image synthesis technology works.
  • "Companies building large models relying on Copyrighted data can get away with it if they do so privately," tweeted Champandard, "but doing it openly *and* legally is very hard—or impossible.
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