ODIN Intelligence website is defaced as hackers claim breach

News Summary

  • “We received the data the other day and are processing it,” Best said.The defacement note made note of three large archive files, totaling more than 16 gigabytes of data, each named in relation to ODIN’s organization, the sex offenders’ data, and the SweepWizard app.
  • Best confirmed that the files that DDoSecrets received matched the hashes in the defacement post.The defacement also included a set of Amazon Web Services keys, apparently belonging to ODIN.
  • It also provides a service called SONAR, or the Sex Offender Notification and Registration system, used by state and local law enforcement to remotely manage registered sex offenders.
  • The hackers also left hashes, a unique string of letters and numbers that serve as a signature for each file.
The website for ODIN Intelligence, a company that provides technology and tools for law enforcement and police departments, was defaced on Sunday.The apparent hack comes days after Wired reported t [+2290 chars]