Why the time is right for a MercedesBenz charging network

News Summary

  • And that’s not Mercedes-like.”Though the initial investment is steep, Schäfer said it’s just another big spend the company is prepared to make to own the EV space.“We talk about tens of billions in cost of transforming the company,” he said.
  • When selecting a Mercedes-owned charger, the car will take the additional step of saving them a spot.“If you’re in a traffic jam and, you know, you can’t make it to this time, the system will know that you’re arriving later, and it’s going to update your reservation,” Schäfer said.
  • It didn’t happen,” Schäfer lamented.Of course, plunking down the billions in capital needed to build an EV charging network is just one piece — albeit an important one — to successfully complete such an ambitious project.
  • Absolutely.”Schäfer said the enterprise will eventually be profitable and cites Ionity as an example of what can go right.“The valuation of this network has grown so much,” he said.
  • So why, then, should you be forced to use any plebeian charging network for your premium EV?Mercedes-Benz is hoping that its well-heeled clientele will want to give their luxury EVs the same sort of premium treatment.
  • “The idea is also the key to keep them in our ecosystem,” Schäfer said.The $1 billion spent up-front to launch this network will just be the beginning of the investment, but Schäfer is adamant that it will eventually be a profitable endeavor: “It has to be a self-sustaining business.
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