Last year marked the end of an era in spaceflightheres what were watching next

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  • This story, therefore, will look back at five of these major space storylines and then attempt to forecast what some of the dominant storylines for the remainder of the 2020s will be.An exciting but uncertain road lies ahead.James Webb Space Telescope.
  • This was another massive development program by NASA in the 2010s, during which the space agency sought to build a super heavy-lift rocket.
  • But when astronomers finally turned it toward the heavens, Webb delivered wonders.The process of designing, building, and testing this telescope on the ground took so long and required so much money that we may never see such a telescope again.
  • NASA was still flying the venerable space shuttle with no clear plan for deep space exploration.
  • It was subject to countless articles describing all of its potential breakthroughs but also its endless cost overruns and delays.The telescope finally launched on Christmas Day 2021 and then spent the first half of 2022 undergoing an extensive deployment process and commissioning of its scientific instruments.
  • Russia was the world's dominant launch provider, putting as many rockets into space that year as the United States and China combined.
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