XetHub raises $7.5M for its Gitbased data collaboration platform

News Summary

  • The team describes XetHub as a “collaborative storage platform for data management.”The company was co-founded by Yucheng Low (CEO), Ajit Banerjee and Rajat Arya, a team with years of experience working with large data platforms.
  • Few developers will want to clone a large repository like this, so one nifty feature here is that developers can also mount these repositories and make them behave like a local file system, no matter whether that’s on their laptop or a large GPU cluster.
  • The basic idea here is to allow developers to work with data the same way they work with code, including all of the collaboration features a tool like Git enables.
  • Apple acquired the company in 2016, allowing Low and Arya to work on various parts of Apple’s ML platform stack, with Arya leading Apple’s data platform team, for example.
  • “Managing where you store this data, how you collaborate on this data is really fundamental.
  • He also previously founded two startups.XetHub repository view is designed for navigating and visualizing data repositories while keeping GitHub sensibilities.
Seattlebased XetHub, a startup that makes it easy for businesses to use Git for data management, today announced that it has raised a $7.5 million seed financing round led by Madrona. The basic idea [+3836 chars]