Senator Mark Warner on cyber security, Musks Twitter and legislating killer robots TechCrunch

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  • Using technology without some guardrails – I think we make a mistake with the notion of ‘go out and innovate, break things.’Move fast, break things.I think that’s created some real issues.
  • The third was cell phones, and I was lucky enough to be in the right place at the right time.You have a technology background, but I think there’s a lack of tech knowledge in leaders generally, and in the government more broadly.
  • I think the awareness that these Chinese companies come with national security risks has grown beyond America.Is it time to start having a serious discussion about legislation around police and killer robots?Truthfully, I have probably not thought about it enough.
  • )At CES this week learning about the future of tech to better be able to legislate for tomorrow’s tech landscape.Tried Magic Leap's glasses to see if I could look into the future and find out when we’ll have a Speaker, but turns out they don’t work that way!
  • Given how much tech touches every piece of legislation, what can we do to catch congress up to speed?I think people are trying.
  • But one of the things that I think is very positive is that even the European companies that went down the Huawei path are doing some version of rip and replace.
This wasnt Mark Warners first CES rodeo. The senior senator from Virginia was onboard with this whole tech thing well before being elected the states governor back in 2002. His time at Columbia Capi [+8337 chars]