All the tech (and other flashy features) stuffed into the Ram 1500 Revolution EV truck

News Summary

  • )Other powered features on the vehicle includes a powered charge-port door that is located on the driver’s side front quarter panel, a powered tail gate, flush-mounted door handles, powered side steps and a powered rear step.
  • A user can tell the vehicle to close the windows, play music, take a picture, and “follow me” with Shadow Mode.Image Credits: Kirsten KorosecYeah, shadow mode, a feature that allows the vehicle to automatically follow a driver who is walking ahead of the vehicle.
  • A 3D Ram avatar acts as the vehicle’s face and will respond to various voice commands from users, according to Ram.One neat feature is that the personal assistant will even follow commands from the owner while they’re outside the vehicle.
  • This feature allows for objects as long as 18 feet to fit into the truck.A hole located between the driver and passenger seats allows for objects to pass through into the frunk.
  • Internal and external cabin projectors can also be used to display guides on the target storage location, according to the company.Unfortunately, I couldn’t get a peek inside the powered front trunk, or frunk.
  • Add third-row jumps seats, of course.The third row jump seats, handy for when you want to fit six-people inside the truck cab — say what?
Stellantis revealed during CES 2023 its answer to an increasingly crowded batteryelectric truck market a broadshouldered pickup loaded with tech, a longer cabin with thirdrow jump seats, cup hold [+6164 chars]