Brane X portable speaker packs a hell of a punch in a small package

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  • The result is the ability to move a large amount of air (and therefore punch a lot of bass around), in a small package that the company claims consumes 10% of the power that a conventional-tech subwoofer would.“We developed a new way of making audio.
  • The company’s founder has a background from high-precision magnetics, and after exiting his previous company, decided to apply this expertise to another space where magnets are important: Speakers.The company’s first product is the $600 Brane X, which is opening for pre-orders imminently.
  • It use a combination of moving and stationary magnets to create a force that is equal and opposite to the force caused by large air pressure changes within a speaker enclosure.
  • One of my highlights at CES in Las Vegas today was listening to the company’s debut speaker, the Brane X, side-by-side with some other well-known speaker brands.
  • As you make a subwoofer smaller, the air pressure gets higher and higher, and you’re drawing more and more power,” explains Joe Pinkerton, co-founder and CEO at Brane Audio, in an interview with TechCrunch.
  • It contains an 8-inch subwoofer in a portable speaker that can run on battery power for 12 hours.
You probably havent heard of Brane Audio yet, but trust me on this one You will. One of my highlights at CES in Las Vegas today was listening to the companys debut speaker, the Brane X, sidebysi [+5045 chars]