Studiobox is a remote video teams highdef dream

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  • Image Credit: Haje Kamps / TechCrunch.The company doesn’t want to be in the business of video production, however, and spent most of the pandemic creating a software suite that makes this functionality available to any film crew that wants to create high-quality content remotely.
  • AI is getting very good about being able to isolate the sound of my voice even though the microphones 10 feet away, in real time, so all that technology is getting better and better and better,” Ostrove explains.
  • From there, the company wants to make its solution completely hardware agnostic, and put the power of production fully in the hands of its software.The software is still in development, but what the team showed off at CES was deeply impressive.
  • For example, making my voice sound better, controlling the camera’s parameters, or optimizing the lighting.”El-Shayeb points to the cornucopia of sliders in the company’s software.
  • This is the first time a single piece of software is talking to all of these things at once.”The company hired Ali El-Shayeb, who previously founded, to take the helm of the technology at StudioBox as its CTO.
  • “If the internet drops out momentarily, perhaps the remote viewers see a loss of resolution, but that won’t affect the camera at all, and the final result still looks perfect.”“We did a shoot at a hospital where we couldn’t get the up and down speeds ahead of time.
The COVID19 pandemic brought video production to its knees, but the show must go on, and necessity is the mother of invention. Studiobox leapt into the breech, creating an interview studio in a box. [+7668 chars]