Sony and Honda reveal Afeela, their joint EV brand, at CES

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  • [gallery ids="2465052,2465053,2465055"] “We plan on exploring the possibility of how media can create a fun and exciting mobility interaction,” said Yoshida.The prototype is also equipped with 45 cameras and sensors inside and outside the vehicle in order to ensure safety and security, said Yoshida.
  • Kim Libreri, chief technology officer of Epic Games, said that the most natural way to visualize important data within the car is through intuitive interactive photo real augmentation, which is what Unreal Engine does best.“In the future, the automobile will become a next generation destination for social connectivity.
  • Initial shipments will be delivered to customers in North America in the spring of 2026.Sony and Honda have previously said the new EV will be initially manufactured at Honda’s North America factory and will feature Level 3 automated driving capabilities under limited conditions.
  • The in-cabin sensors will be monitor the driver’s status in order to prevent accidents.Afeela will also feature best-in-class entertainment for customers, said Yoshida.
Nearly a year after Sony and Honda shared plans to jointly make and sell electric vehicles, the two companies revealed a prototype under the brand name Afeela.The fourdoor sedan was driven onstage [+2593 chars]