Nanoleaf debuts smart lighting for ceilings, TVs and more

News Summary

  • “Combined with the vision of a hands-free smart home, we wanted to pair this with a smart lighting assistant that was user-friendly and relatable, which is when Nala was born.”Image Credits: NanoleafNanoleaf certainly isn’t the first to attempt to inject intelligence and proactivity into the smart home.
  • Each smart light switch will help Nala to learn better and offer more accurate predictive actions like turn on and off, seamless brightness adjustments, scene selection and more.”Beyond Nala and Sense+ Controls, Nanoleaf unveiled Nanoleaf 4D, an ambient (and Matter-compatible) backlighting kit for large-screen TVs.
  • With app and voice controls, the smart home is still very much based on manual controls and has not reached its full potential of what smart can be,” Gimmy Chu, the CEO of Nanoleaf, told TechCrunch in an email interview.
  • Simply put, there’s less that can go wrong.“Nala creates smart automations for your home, which can either be set to appear as suggestions or automatically applied to your lighting,” Chu said.
  • Nanoleaf 4D features four screen modes, with 50 addressable zones on the five-meter light strip, and comes bundled with snap-on brackets as well as adhesives for easy (in theory) installation.Nanoleaf 4D.
  • (CES stands for “Consumer Electronics Show.”) Indeed, automotive and enterprise vendors have encroached on the Las Vegas show floor in recent years as some major consumer brands pull back.
CES isnt as consumerfocused as it once was, despite the overt branding. (CES stands for Consumer Electronics Show.) Indeed, automotive and enterprise vendors have encroached on the Las Vegas show [+5342 chars]