Drone advances in Ukraine could bring dawn of killer robots...

News Summary

  • In the mid-2010s, colleagues he polled agreed that graduate students could, in a single term, produce an autonomous drone “capable of finding and killing an individual, let’s say, inside a building,” he said.An effort to lay international ground rules for military drones has so far been fruitless.
  • The drones, technically known as “loitering munitions,” can hover for minutes over a target, awaiting a clean shot.“The technology to achieve a fully autonomous mission with Switchblade pretty much exists today,” said Wahid Nawabi, CEO of AeroVironment, its maker.
  • Iran has other drones in its evolving arsenal that it says feature AI.Without a great deal of trouble, Ukraine could make its semi-autonomous weaponized drones fully independent in order to better survive battlefield jamming, their Western manufacturers say.
  • To date, drones able to work in both modes have performed better when piloted by a human, Allen said.The technology is not especially complicated, said University of California-Berkeley professor Stuart Russell, a top AI researcher.
  • The radars are designed to identify enemy drones, which the UAVs then disable by firing nets at them — all without human assistance.The number of AI-endowed drones keeps growing.
  • In one feared scenario, the U.S. military spends hundreds of millions writing code to power killer drones.
KYIV, Ukraine (AP) Drone advances in Ukraine have accelerated a longanticipated technology trend that could soon bring the worlds first fully autonomous fighting robots to the battlefield, inaugurat [+9515 chars]