CES bets on postpandemic bounce

News Summary

  • Zoom out: As one of the largest trade shows in the world, CES sets the scene for dealmaking across tech, media, manufacturing and gaming industries each January.The big picture: In recent years, CES has broadened to include more industries that leverage technology but aren't traditionally categorized as tech.
  • Better webcams, for example, have become a priority for some device makers as Zoom has joined Office and the browser as a staple of employee productivity.The intrigue: The largest tech companies generally launch their biggest products at their own events where they can have the stage to themselves.
  • What to watch: This year, the event will center around five key themes, per CTA: transportation and mobility; digital health; the metaverse and web3; sustainability; and "human security," or how tech addresses global problems.
  • But most improvements in chips and software look likely to be incremental, meaning the landscape probably won't shift much.One thing to watch is how new devices reflect a world in which more work is being done remotely.
  • Yes, but: The vast majority of attendees typically come from the United States, followed by China, which has recently faced a new COVID-19 spike after lifting some lockdown measures.
  • Editor's note: As in past years, Axios will provide a running post highlighting the biggest CES news all in one place.
After two years of pandemicdriven setbacks, the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is aiming for a comeback.Driving the news CES hopes to draw at least 100,000 inperson attendees to its annual trad [+3602 chars]