Insider Q&A Navier CEO Sampriti Bhattacharyya

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  • If you are able to make small vessels move things and people on the water, suddenly the waterways are no more an obstacle and every marina can turn into a train station stop, essentially.Q: Why aren’t water taxis more popular?A: One reason is cost, including fuel cost.
  • So removing the captain has a huge cost benefit in making water taxis accessible.Q: How does this relate to your research at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology?A: I was an aerospace engineer who always thought I was going to go to space.
  • But we have a pretty massive waitlist.Q: Is there a parallel to Tesla where you’re launching the luxury vehicle first and down the road looking at more accessible options?A: I love being out in the water and I don’t think it should be limited to just a few.
  • Electric boats are still a tiny, tiny, tiny percentage of the total number of boats.
  • You can have a conversation, unlike on a gas boat.Q: Who are your main competitors?A: There are other hydrofoil boats, obviously, but that’s not what we see as competitors.
  • Then at MIT, I started working on underwater drones for monitoring energy systems, like nuclear reactors or boiling water reactors.
Sampriti Bhattacharyya is bringing a 30foot electric yacht to the upcoming CES gadget show in Las Vegas.The cofounder and CEO of electric hydrofoil startup Navier said she hopes her companys debu [+4162 chars]