How to make the most of your startups big fundraising moment

News Summary

  • While big numbers may draw splashy headlines, smaller rounds can still drive interest if the announcement is executed well and you can connect the news with some larger industry/technology/societal trend.Another reason founders hesitate is if all or part of the new capital is through a debt investment.
  • No matter the size of the round, securing external investment is a key milestone in many companies’ journeys, and it often takes a tremendous amount of effort.
  • This includes aligning with your investors early about their ability to participate in a news announcement.Some key questions your marketing lead should consider include:
  • When you see other companies raising hundreds of millions of dollars, it can be easy to think no one will be interested in hearing about your startup’s much smaller round.Fortunately, that isn’t true.
Latestage startups are facing major fundraising headwinds, but earlystage investing is still a bright spot for startups until they hit Series B rounds.Traditional venture capital dollars are hard [+4200 chars]