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  • Executives said the airline also will pay to ship baggage that has piled up at airports around the country.Southwest lost $75 million during a much smaller disruption in October 2021 that resulted in about 2,000 canceled flights over a four-day stretch.
  • Its planes have 143 to 175 seats and were likely nearly fully booked around the Christmas and New Year’s holidays.Airline executives said that crew-scheduling technology — a major cause of the meltdown — has caught up with the backlog of pilots and flight attendants stranded in wrong locations.
  • The airline said it would consider reimbursing “reasonable” expenses for meals, hotel rooms and alternate transportation incurred between Dec. 24 and Jan. 2.
  • Southwest will refund tickets on canceled flights, and executives repeated a promise to reimburse travelers who were forced to pay for hotel rooms, meals and flights on other airlines.
  • Executives said they had canceled only 39, or less than 1% of the schedule, for Friday.Jordan faces a crisis just 11 months after he became CEO, replacing longtime leader Gary Kelly.
  • The airline’s chief commercial officer said that process will take several weeks.
DALLAS (AP) Southwest Airlines said it expects to return to normal operations Friday after more than a week of widespread flight cancellations that started with a winter storm and spiraled out of con [+5203 chars]